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VoKiM, the Voices of Kosovo in Manchester archive, is a post-conflict recovery oral history project created by Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MaK) in 2016 to record and preserve the story of the Kosovar community in Manchester. Many arrived as refugees in 1999, evacuated to northwest England as part of a global humanitarian response to ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. Their voices have been recorded alongside a selection of the many people who responded to their struggle.

This online archive is an educational and research resource. This website allows anyone to access and witness their personal statements of escalating violence, terror, exodus and refuge in Manchester. We offer original source material, including audio (with transcripts, pen sketches and summaries), portraiture, a timeline, a demography report and extra materials and guidelines for schools and learning (please see terms of use policy).

You can visit the physical VoKiM archive at Manchester Central Library (AIUET); the National Library of Kovovo; the Imperial War Museum and the University of East London Library.

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