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Voices of Kosovo in Manchester   -  Stories of post-conflict recovery.
A series of short films re-visiting 6 Kosovar refugees to learn about who they have become, twenty years after the 1999 genocide. 

Lumnije Mustafa -Bujupi

Rina Ahmetaj

Amir Lamexhema

Bledar Bujupi

Adonis Alaj
Fatos Bogujevci

Films directed by Pam Dawes

Cameras Paul Cliff & James Hawkins

Sound Paul Cliff

Editing Paul Cliff and Pam Dawes

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Photo credits and thanks

Geoff Beattie


Howard Davies

David Miles

ITV News

Mark Kensett

Manchester Evening News

David Miles

Naser formally of Podujevë Municipality

Stuart IT

The Times

Nick White

Wiki Commons

Phil Young

members and friends of MaK


No copyright infringement is intended.

If there are any uncredited images please contact

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